Get Crafty!

Welcome to the new and improved Crafty With Pixiestedding! I’m hoping by making the transition from Blogger to WordPress that it will help revitalize me and help me get the crafty juices flowing! How I have missed being crafty over the last few months, I hate to say that homework kind of took presedence and took up all of my free time this last semester, but now its summer and I’m ready to BE CRAFTY! (Sorry for yelling, I needed to get it out there!)

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but expect some super fun posts in the days to come. You can also check out my YouTube Channel, Crafty With Pixiestedding, where you can checkout my new crafty video series. Please bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of crafting on video. My videos are bound to have flaws and errors, but I promise they will get better as I get more practice! I’m so excited to share my crafts and adventures with you! I hope I inspire you to be crafty and to step out of your comfort zones to learn new things. I know you won’t be alone as I too make the same journey. So, let’s make it together! Don’t Forget: Get Crafty!


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