Creativity Strikes

As a crafty individual, I never know when creativity will strike or…on the downside dry up and become pretty nonexistent. The latter is where I have found myself for months, I think working as hard as I was to stay on top of all my college courses. Plus all the normal everyday tasks of caring for my home and raising my crazy kids. I think I just lacked the energy to be Crafty, I know sad day, right?

With this year’s Close To My Heart Convention literally just over a week away and after weeks of wracking my brain, searching Pinterest and buying books & magazines for ideas, there has finally been a flood of ideas and a very strong need to craft. Hurray! 

As I’ve sat around working on my current batch of projects, I thought back to when I had hit my proverbial brick wall. It’s made me wonder how many others have been in my place? Wanting to craft. To feel the cardstock, fabric, wood, something in their hands, but feel as if they are suddenly a very dried up well. What do they do to get out of their rut? Or does that even happen? Do they eventually give up claiming that “they aren’t creative” or that it was “part of their other life?” How many have given up because of this very real brick wall? 

I may not know the answer, but I’m willing to bet a lot more than are willing to admit it. I think how can I, one nearly 30 year old girl from Utah, reach out and help? I think the key lies in working through my own brick walls and sharing my projects. Be encouraging. Show how easy and fun these projects can be. I think that’s really why I started a blog. There are other benefits like making new friends, gaining new customers, clients and even team members. But as great as those all are, I really want to share my talent to encourage others to be crafty!

You may not feel like you’re crafty or it’s never been your thing, but I don’t think you can 100% say that without trying at least. We need to reach out and share our talents, support each other! So tonight, I want to inspire you and challenge you to spend some time being crafty. Learn something new, finish a project, start a new one, really even if all you did was watched a crafty video on YouTube would be a great start! I would love to see what you are working on!

So, here is a glimpse of my current project.

With this project, I have tried new techniques and stretched beyond my typical project. It’s scary. It’s nerve wracking. It’s a very good and important step. Remember that. Reaching out to new things is healthy. Now I’d love to see what you’re working on and as soon as I get back from Convention I will share this project in its entirety. I’ll even tell you how I did it.

My challenge to you is to do something crafty, perhaps learn something new and to share it here. And as always don’t forget, Get Crafty! 


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