New Annual Idea Book and Retiring Product

 Eek! The last week & a half have been so exhilarating and I can’t wait to share all the fun with you. Thanks to my amazing Hubby, I got to go to Anaheim, California for this year’s Close To My Heart Convention. I even got to be there during my 30th birthday and I got to party at Disneyland with my amazing CTMH Family.

I can’t even begin to tell you about the amazing bond and relationship that I have with the other members of my Team, the Damask Divas. We really are family. We support each other, give encouragement when it’s needed, cheer each other on and share ideas on how to improve our businesses. It’s not a competition and for me that’s a big deal. I have always hate working for companies that feel the need to play their employees against each other, who can be better at this, yada yada. Close To My Heart isn’t like that at all. We are all a team, a family. We are there for each other through everything and even when I’ve met other consultants for the first time, it only takes a short amount of time and you feel like you’ve known each other forever

CTMH has also done amazing things for my confidence and ability to speak to others. I’m pretty shy unless I feel really close to people and in the last two years, I’ve gone from barely being able to teach workshops and hold Gatherings to this year, where I managed to put myself out there to get roommates during Convention. We all came from such varied backgrounds and one of them was even from Australia. Before joining, I would never been able to do that and I love seeing the progress. So obviously, this has been the best decision for me! Not to mention I just straight up love what I do. I feel its important that you love what you do and for me getting pad to do my hobby is awesome.

So I know not everyone has been to a business convention before and even if you have, it maybe very different from how CTMH does it. It’s a time to see new, upcoming products, even get a chance to play with new papers, colors, etc. There are also business classes and classes to show the variety of ways that our product can be used. There’s prizes, fun programs, a fancy banquet and award recognitions. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet other consultants and create friends & support networks. This year we were challenged to be bold and step out of our comfort zones, to share this amazing opportunity with others. It was very invigorating and I love how excited I feel when I leave Convention. I’m also sad that it seems to go by so fast, but I feel like all my time is so well spent and I’ve gained all kinds of new information & insight.

I cannot wait to share all the fun new products that will be coming out in the new Annual Idea Book. I am positive that you will love all of it and will feel like I do, that you need it all. Haha, why can’t money grow on trees, I mean really? I can’t share any photos just yet, darn right? But we do have a brand new Cricut cartridge that will be available to you as of August 1st. Exciting, right? I can’t wait to share its awesomeness with you. Watch for more about it in the next couple of weeks.

I’m including the list of all of the retiring product and they are only guaranteed until September 1st. So, grab your favorite products before they are gone for good.

2014-2015 Retiring Product List


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