CTMH Making Connections Event 2015

Ugh, things have been so crazy this year and amongst the craziness I had the chance to attend Close To My Heart’s Making Connections Event in Salt Lake City. It was an absolutely fabulous way for me to unwind in the middle of my school semester. As this was my first Making Connections event, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I would know anyone or if any of the Damask Divas would be there. It made me a little nervous (remember I am still working on stepping out of my shell). I watched as consultants began to trickle in and I made it a point to sit closer to the front. The room quickly filled up and then the “Party”Me-Making Connections got started.

The evening was split into two parts: a business class, followed by a creative session (yes!). They showed how many consultants, supervisors, managers and up were present that night. I found it really interesting to see and then they gave prizes to the top sellers and top recruiters of the last quarter. I loved that. Although I wasn’t one, it was like this additional incentive to get out there and make things happen. Brian Holman opened up by talking about the idea of “preach the Close To My Heart Message,” or rather share what CTMH is and its purpose. (I know it might sound silly, but really it’s what we do. We talk about the products and what we are able to do & share.)

He talked about life’s “squirrel” moments and how we needed to really evaluate how we are approaching our business. To find better ways of approach and avoiding our own personal “squirrel” moments. The key is to Start, Stop and Continue. We need to look at what we are doing, list what’s not working and quit doing it. Then list what would most benefit our business and start that, and finally list what we are currently doing that works and keep doing it. This allows you to keep your business progressing. You’ll keep re-evaluating and going through the three steps over and over again. All the while improving not only your business, but yourself too.

He also talked about having an affirmation. Creating our own affirmation will help give yourself the power and confidence to keep on, keeping on. When something goes wrong (as we know not everything goes according to plan) or we feel “stuck,” say your affirmation and feel the strength it lends.

Being social in this business is huge! You can’t share what CTMH (or any other business) has to offer if you aren’t being social.  We need to utilize all the resources available to us and use them to our advantage. I don’t know about any of you, but stepping out of my comfort zone and being social, talking to new people, is a huge trial for me. IMaking Connections Projectsn the last two years, I have come a long way in being social. Its gotten just a bit easier meeting new people. It helps having a strong support system at home (my hubby & kids), but my CTMH Family as well. Create a support system at home and in your business, have those you can talk ideas through with and go to when you need encouragement.

The last portion of than class talked about our customers feeling overwhelmed by the hundreds of products we sell and needing to take the time to ‘spoon feed’ them, but not in a negative way. Point out the a few things, maybe its things they might like or even just what things you love. In order to do this we need to know the ‘whole menu,’ so we can guide our customers and give them better & less overwhelming experience.

It really was an incredible class. I was feeling that burning desire to be ‘on fire,’ to share why I love CTMH and all it has to offer. I felt that strong sense of power, knowing I could do this and succeed. I need to share!

Monica Wihongi told us all briefly about her experience in Mexico with Operation Smile. Operation Smile provides cleft palate surgeries for kids in countries like Mexico who need them and their families can’t afford it. I’ve wanted to donate since I signed up, but I didn’t feel a strong connection with it, so I never did. But hearing how out of 200 kids needing the surgery performed that only 100 of them would be able to get it. The rest would have to make the long trek home knowing their journey had been in vain. Fathers who lost out on a days worth of wages to try to get the help their child needed.

My thought was “how could you bear to turn those families away?” That’s when it clicked for me. I need to make a better and bigger effort to earn money for Operation Smile. In fact I bought two sheets of their exclusive Base & Bling sticker sheets that they were selling that night. All of the money from their sales would go straight to Operation Smile. I know it was only $10, but that’s $10 more toward some child’s operation. I think in all that night we made enough to perform 1 and a half surgeries. Which is awesomeMaking Connections Collage 1! I have plans in the works for getting more customers and people involved.

The Creative Session showed a really neat and unique way to use our His and Her My Crush books. We made a 2-page layout  and a few cards. All out of these books, I mean we actually took them apart to use the entire pages. It was tons of fun and time ran out too quickly. Before I knew it, it was time to clean up.

I felt inspired again and encouraged that I can succeed & be on fire! I enjoyed doing projects that require thinking outside the box. Not to mention making a new friend, Michelle Snyder, who told me I could do this and who wants to cheer me on my journey through college as well. See a new part of my support team! Plus selfies with the Selfie Queen herself, MonicaMaking Connections Collage

I’m reminded why I love what I do and why I always feel better about me & my business following an event. They want to see us succeed and they give us the tools to do so.

I want to Share this Opportunity with you! If you have questions about hosting a gathering or about becoming apart of my CTMH Family, send me an email: pixiestedding@hotmail.com

Don’t Forget: Get Crafty!


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