Picture My Life: Father’s Day Album

I can hardly believe we are already thirteen days into August already. Where has the summer gone? It feels like my summer has been jam-packed with things but the two biggest events have been my Close To My Heart Convention in July and house hunting in July & August. We are now in the process of closing on a house (Wahoo!) Can I just say how ecstatic I am to have a place that’s our very own and be able to make the changes we want to it? Father's Day Album 1So it may not seem like a lot but it’s kept us hoping. Now we are in the final week & a half till school starts for all six of us. Add in moving and you’ve just met my crazy remainder of the year. LOL! So, with that being said, I can definitely say I’m behind in project sharing! I’ve worked on a few projects throughout the summer, perhaps not as many as I’d have liked to. Some crafting is better than none, that’s for sure.

Here we are in August and I’m going to share a very fun & simple project that I created for my Husband’s Father’s Day gift! Yep, we are jumping back to June, but trust me you are in for a treat!

FD Album 6I decided that I wanted to think outside of the box for my Hubby’s gift and I really love the patterns available with our Picture My Life cards. It was the perfect way to put together a cute and simple mini album
, but gives the look of something much more complicated. I used the large journal card size, 4×6, to be the base size for the album. This allowed me to use both sides of the cards if I wanted to or to glue a different patterned Cardstock to one side.

On a couple of pages, I glued the smaller cards on and used them as pockets for photos or other PML cards. I mismatched the cards from different PML sets, FD Album 7which gave it a really unique feel and while they are different they seem to pull together nicely. So don’t be afraid to use some from this set or that set together.

I also made sure to use some 3-D embellishments, so that it had some dimension to it. I used ribbon, washi tape, acrylic flowers and zipper lace. Once I had tied all the pages together with some of our thick flaxen twine, that’s when I went hunting for photos and began to write inside. I had so much fun and even had my kids help decide on pictures & made sure to put messages from each of them in there.  FD Album 12FD Album 12 FD Album 13 FD Album 14  The best part of the whole thing was that my husband adored it. I worked on it while he was gone with the military and we got to give it to him at his graduation. It was something very unique and something that he can enjoy for years to come. So, if you find yourself stuck on a project or even without one, think outside the box and see what fun & creative things you can come up with. Remember Get Crafty!Father's Day Album 2

Product Used

Blue Shimmer Trim Blue Shimmer Trim    Balloon Ride PML PML: Balloon Ride (Retiring, Available until Aug. 31st)

Heartstrings PML PML: Heartstrings (Retiring, Available until Aug. 31st)  Bitty Sparkles Bitty Sparkles

Flaxen Twine Flaxen Extra Thick Twine  BM Glue Memory Bond Glue

Teal Flowers Teal Acrylic Flowers (located in the While Supplies last category)

PML: Avonlea (Retired)

Rosette Ribbon (Retired)

Skylark Paper Pack (Retired)

Lagoon Zipper Lace (Retired)

Want to order your own supplies for a mini album from Picture My Life Cards, head to my Shop: http://www.craftywithpixiestedding.ctmh.com


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