Picture My Life: Father’s Day Album

I can hardly believe we are already thirteen days into August already. Where has the summer gone? It feels like my summer has been jam-packed with things but the two biggest events have been my Close To My Heart Convention in July and house hunting in July & August. We are now in the process of closing on a house (Wahoo!) Can I just say how ecstatic I am to have a place that’s our very own and be able to make the changes we want to it? Father's Day Album 1So it may not seem like a lot but it’s kept us hoping. Now we are in the final week & a half till school starts for all six of us. Add in moving and you’ve just met my crazy remainder of the year. LOL! So, with that being said, I can definitely say I’m behind in project sharing! I’ve worked on a few projects throughout the summer, perhaps not as many as I’d have liked to. Some crafting is better than none, that’s for sure.

Here we are in August and I’m going to share a very fun & simple project that I created for my Husband’s Father’s Day gift! Yep, we are jumping back to June, but trust me you are in for a treat!

FD Album 6I decided that I wanted to think outside of the box for my Hubby’s gift and I really love the patterns available with our Picture My Life cards. It was the perfect way to put together a cute and simple mini album
, but gives the look of something much more complicated. I used the large journal card size, 4×6, to be the base size for the album. This allowed me to use both sides of the cards if I wanted to or to glue a different patterned Cardstock to one side.

On a couple of pages, I glued the smaller cards on and used them as pockets for photos or other PML cards. I mismatched the cards from different PML sets, FD Album 7which gave it a really unique feel and while they are different they seem to pull together nicely. So don’t be afraid to use some from this set or that set together.

I also made sure to use some 3-D embellishments, so that it had some dimension to it. I used ribbon, washi tape, acrylic flowers and zipper lace. Once I had tied all the pages together with some of our thick flaxen twine, that’s when I went hunting for photos and began to write inside. I had so much fun and even had my kids help decide on pictures & made sure to put messages from each of them in there.  FD Album 12FD Album 12 FD Album 13 FD Album 14  The best part of the whole thing was that my husband adored it. I worked on it while he was gone with the military and we got to give it to him at his graduation. It was something very unique and something that he can enjoy for years to come. So, if you find yourself stuck on a project or even without one, think outside the box and see what fun & creative things you can come up with. Remember Get Crafty!Father's Day Album 2

Product Used

Blue Shimmer Trim Blue Shimmer Trim    Balloon Ride PML PML: Balloon Ride (Retiring, Available until Aug. 31st)

Heartstrings PML PML: Heartstrings (Retiring, Available until Aug. 31st)  Bitty Sparkles Bitty Sparkles

Flaxen Twine Flaxen Extra Thick Twine  BM Glue Memory Bond Glue

Teal Flowers Teal Acrylic Flowers (located in the While Supplies last category)

PML: Avonlea (Retired)

Rosette Ribbon (Retired)

Skylark Paper Pack (Retired)

Lagoon Zipper Lace (Retired)

Want to order your own supplies for a mini album from Picture My Life Cards, head to my Shop: http://www.craftywithpixiestedding.ctmh.com


CTMH Making Connections Event 2015

Ugh, things have been so crazy this year and amongst the craziness I had the chance to attend Close To My Heart’s Making Connections Event in Salt Lake City. It was an absolutely fabulous way for me to unwind in the middle of my school semester. As this was my first Making Connections event, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I would know anyone or if any of the Damask Divas would be there. It made me a little nervous (remember I am still working on stepping out of my shell). I watched as consultants began to trickle in and I made it a point to sit closer to the front. The room quickly filled up and then the “Party”Me-Making Connections got started.

The evening was split into two parts: a business class, followed by a creative session (yes!). They showed how many consultants, supervisors, managers and up were present that night. I found it really interesting to see and then they gave prizes to the top sellers and top recruiters of the last quarter. I loved that. Although I wasn’t one, it was like this additional incentive to get out there and make things happen. Brian Holman opened up by talking about the idea of “preach the Close To My Heart Message,” or rather share what CTMH is and its purpose. (I know it might sound silly, but really it’s what we do. We talk about the products and what we are able to do & share.)

He talked about life’s “squirrel” moments and how we needed to really evaluate how we are approaching our business. To find better ways of approach and avoiding our own personal “squirrel” moments. The key is to Start, Stop and Continue. We need to look at what we are doing, list what’s not working and quit doing it. Then list what would most benefit our business and start that, and finally list what we are currently doing that works and keep doing it. This allows you to keep your business progressing. You’ll keep re-evaluating and going through the three steps over and over again. All the while improving not only your business, but yourself too.

He also talked about having an affirmation. Creating our own affirmation will help give yourself the power and confidence to keep on, keeping on. When something goes wrong (as we know not everything goes according to plan) or we feel “stuck,” say your affirmation and feel the strength it lends.

Being social in this business is huge! You can’t share what CTMH (or any other business) has to offer if you aren’t being social.  We need to utilize all the resources available to us and use them to our advantage. I don’t know about any of you, but stepping out of my comfort zone and being social, talking to new people, is a huge trial for me. IMaking Connections Projectsn the last two years, I have come a long way in being social. Its gotten just a bit easier meeting new people. It helps having a strong support system at home (my hubby & kids), but my CTMH Family as well. Create a support system at home and in your business, have those you can talk ideas through with and go to when you need encouragement.

The last portion of than class talked about our customers feeling overwhelmed by the hundreds of products we sell and needing to take the time to ‘spoon feed’ them, but not in a negative way. Point out the a few things, maybe its things they might like or even just what things you love. In order to do this we need to know the ‘whole menu,’ so we can guide our customers and give them better & less overwhelming experience.

It really was an incredible class. I was feeling that burning desire to be ‘on fire,’ to share why I love CTMH and all it has to offer. I felt that strong sense of power, knowing I could do this and succeed. I need to share!

Monica Wihongi told us all briefly about her experience in Mexico with Operation Smile. Operation Smile provides cleft palate surgeries for kids in countries like Mexico who need them and their families can’t afford it. I’ve wanted to donate since I signed up, but I didn’t feel a strong connection with it, so I never did. But hearing how out of 200 kids needing the surgery performed that only 100 of them would be able to get it. The rest would have to make the long trek home knowing their journey had been in vain. Fathers who lost out on a days worth of wages to try to get the help their child needed.

My thought was “how could you bear to turn those families away?” That’s when it clicked for me. I need to make a better and bigger effort to earn money for Operation Smile. In fact I bought two sheets of their exclusive Base & Bling sticker sheets that they were selling that night. All of the money from their sales would go straight to Operation Smile. I know it was only $10, but that’s $10 more toward some child’s operation. I think in all that night we made enough to perform 1 and a half surgeries. Which is awesomeMaking Connections Collage 1! I have plans in the works for getting more customers and people involved.

The Creative Session showed a really neat and unique way to use our His and Her My Crush books. We made a 2-page layout  and a few cards. All out of these books, I mean we actually took them apart to use the entire pages. It was tons of fun and time ran out too quickly. Before I knew it, it was time to clean up.

I felt inspired again and encouraged that I can succeed & be on fire! I enjoyed doing projects that require thinking outside the box. Not to mention making a new friend, Michelle Snyder, who told me I could do this and who wants to cheer me on my journey through college as well. See a new part of my support team! Plus selfies with the Selfie Queen herself, MonicaMaking Connections Collage

I’m reminded why I love what I do and why I always feel better about me & my business following an event. They want to see us succeed and they give us the tools to do so.

I want to Share this Opportunity with you! If you have questions about hosting a gathering or about becoming apart of my CTMH Family, send me an email: pixiestedding@hotmail.com

Don’t Forget: Get Crafty!

New Annual Idea Book and Retiring Product

 Eek! The last week & a half have been so exhilarating and I can’t wait to share all the fun with you. Thanks to my amazing Hubby, I got to go to Anaheim, California for this year’s Close To My Heart Convention. I even got to be there during my 30th birthday and I got to party at Disneyland with my amazing CTMH Family.

I can’t even begin to tell you about the amazing bond and relationship that I have with the other members of my Team, the Damask Divas. We really are family. We support each other, give encouragement when it’s needed, cheer each other on and share ideas on how to improve our businesses. It’s not a competition and for me that’s a big deal. I have always hate working for companies that feel the need to play their employees against each other, who can be better at this, yada yada. Close To My Heart isn’t like that at all. We are all a team, a family. We are there for each other through everything and even when I’ve met other consultants for the first time, it only takes a short amount of time and you feel like you’ve known each other forever

CTMH has also done amazing things for my confidence and ability to speak to others. I’m pretty shy unless I feel really close to people and in the last two years, I’ve gone from barely being able to teach workshops and hold Gatherings to this year, where I managed to put myself out there to get roommates during Convention. We all came from such varied backgrounds and one of them was even from Australia. Before joining, I would never been able to do that and I love seeing the progress. So obviously, this has been the best decision for me! Not to mention I just straight up love what I do. I feel its important that you love what you do and for me getting pad to do my hobby is awesome.

So I know not everyone has been to a business convention before and even if you have, it maybe very different from how CTMH does it. It’s a time to see new, upcoming products, even get a chance to play with new papers, colors, etc. There are also business classes and classes to show the variety of ways that our product can be used. There’s prizes, fun programs, a fancy banquet and award recognitions. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet other consultants and create friends & support networks. This year we were challenged to be bold and step out of our comfort zones, to share this amazing opportunity with others. It was very invigorating and I love how excited I feel when I leave Convention. I’m also sad that it seems to go by so fast, but I feel like all my time is so well spent and I’ve gained all kinds of new information & insight.

I cannot wait to share all the fun new products that will be coming out in the new Annual Idea Book. I am positive that you will love all of it and will feel like I do, that you need it all. Haha, why can’t money grow on trees, I mean really? I can’t share any photos just yet, darn right? But we do have a brand new Cricut cartridge that will be available to you as of August 1st. Exciting, right? I can’t wait to share its awesomeness with you. Watch for more about it in the next couple of weeks.

I’m including the list of all of the retiring product and they are only guaranteed until September 1st. So, grab your favorite products before they are gone for good.

2014-2015 Retiring Product List

Creativity Strikes

As a crafty individual, I never know when creativity will strike or…on the downside dry up and become pretty nonexistent. The latter is where I have found myself for months, I think working as hard as I was to stay on top of all my college courses. Plus all the normal everyday tasks of caring for my home and raising my crazy kids. I think I just lacked the energy to be Crafty, I know sad day, right?

With this year’s Close To My Heart Convention literally just over a week away and after weeks of wracking my brain, searching Pinterest and buying books & magazines for ideas, there has finally been a flood of ideas and a very strong need to craft. Hurray! 

As I’ve sat around working on my current batch of projects, I thought back to when I had hit my proverbial brick wall. It’s made me wonder how many others have been in my place? Wanting to craft. To feel the cardstock, fabric, wood, something in their hands, but feel as if they are suddenly a very dried up well. What do they do to get out of their rut? Or does that even happen? Do they eventually give up claiming that “they aren’t creative” or that it was “part of their other life?” How many have given up because of this very real brick wall? 

I may not know the answer, but I’m willing to bet a lot more than are willing to admit it. I think how can I, one nearly 30 year old girl from Utah, reach out and help? I think the key lies in working through my own brick walls and sharing my projects. Be encouraging. Show how easy and fun these projects can be. I think that’s really why I started a blog. There are other benefits like making new friends, gaining new customers, clients and even team members. But as great as those all are, I really want to share my talent to encourage others to be crafty!

You may not feel like you’re crafty or it’s never been your thing, but I don’t think you can 100% say that without trying at least. We need to reach out and share our talents, support each other! So tonight, I want to inspire you and challenge you to spend some time being crafty. Learn something new, finish a project, start a new one, really even if all you did was watched a crafty video on YouTube would be a great start! I would love to see what you are working on!

So, here is a glimpse of my current project.

With this project, I have tried new techniques and stretched beyond my typical project. It’s scary. It’s nerve wracking. It’s a very good and important step. Remember that. Reaching out to new things is healthy. Now I’d love to see what you’re working on and as soon as I get back from Convention I will share this project in its entirety. I’ll even tell you how I did it.

My challenge to you is to do something crafty, perhaps learn something new and to share it here. And as always don’t forget, Get Crafty! 

Get Crafty!

Welcome to the new and improved Crafty With Pixiestedding! I’m hoping by making the transition from Blogger to WordPress that it will help revitalize me and help me get the crafty juices flowing! How I have missed being crafty over the last few months, I hate to say that homework kind of took presedence and took up all of my free time this last semester, but now its summer and I’m ready to BE CRAFTY! (Sorry for yelling, I needed to get it out there!)

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but expect some super fun posts in the days to come. You can also check out my YouTube Channel, Crafty With Pixiestedding, where you can checkout my new crafty video series. Please bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of crafting on video. My videos are bound to have flaws and errors, but I promise they will get better as I get more practice! I’m so excited to share my crafts and adventures with you! I hope I inspire you to be crafty and to step out of your comfort zones to learn new things. I know you won’t be alone as I too make the same journey. So, let’s make it together! Don’t Forget: Get Crafty!