Getting Organized, One Spinning Shelf at a Time

Pinterest. I don’t know about you, but sometimes its my enemy sucking me in for hours pinning projects by the hundreds in hopes of ‘someday’ creating them. (I still hope to, I’m still young) Its also my best friend, BECAUSE it gives me hundreds of ideas to choose from. I can learn how to better organize my house, how to budget money better, give my business a boost, and any number of craft projects from papercrafting to sewing projects. So, who can’t help but have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest? Certainly not me!

When I came across this idea from my friends, the fabulous Midge & Madge of Midge & Madge Mingle (Some seriously creative ladies! ♥ them), I knew I had to do this one and soon. As most crafters, my crafting space is the whirlwind equivalent of my creative mind (aka I’m creatively messy). This would give me a super cute decoration for my desk and be very functional at the same time, helping to clear a chunk of the mess cluttering my desk.

The supply list was super simple and I was able to purchase all of it from two stores that happen to be in the same shopping complex. I was able to purchase the revolving storage from Harbor Freight, the spray paint and sealant from Hobby Lobby. The putting together my new stand took only a few hours from start to finish.

I made sure to give each piece two solid coats of Krylon Bahama Sea spray paint, making sure to give at least a half hour per coat and then gave it a sealing coat of Mod Podge sealant. I also made sure that sprayed outside my house on nice days, when their was no chance of rain. My sidewalk has a bit of a blue tinge because it happened to be a little windy, but it gave me a large enough area to work in. Then it was just a matter of screwing all the pieces together. That actually took the longest and boy were my fingers really sore when I got done. I think it turned out great and honestly I’m super proud of my work.

Now its your turn! I’d love to see how you decorate your revolving storage and how you use it! So please share! I hope this inspired you all to get a little crafty and do some organizing at the same time! Don’t forget to Get Crafty!!!


rotating-storage12″ Revolving Storage (Harbor Freight)

bahama-sea-krylonKrylov Bahama Sea (Hobby Lobby)

mod-podge-sprayMod Podge Acrylic Sealer (Hobby Lobby)